'Old Beijing snacks' face imposters on Wangfujing Street

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Snacks from other parts of China are being marketed and sold as "old Beijing snacks" on downtown Beijing's famous Wangfujing Street, Beijing Youth Daily reported.

Wangfujing snack street, densely packed with restaurants and food stalls, is well known for traditional Beijing favorites.

However, snacks from other parts of the country, including crispy banana, fried stinky tofu, hot and spicy Sichuan treats and even coconuts from Hainan, together with the exotic flavors of Turkish kebabs, are all touted as "old Beijing snacks."

"Although the crabs are not produced in Beijing, our cooking method is local," said a stall owner selling sautéed crabs in hot spicy sauce.

A Beijing resident surnamed Zhou said he had never seen "old Beijing snacks" like these before.

Hou Jia, an expert in traditional local cuisine, said the marketing of such snacks were misleading tourists, who were being given the wrong impression about the capital's food culture.

来源标题:'Old Beijing snacks' face imposters on Wangfujing Street

责任编辑:Ai Ting(QN0043)

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